Burn Knives, custom knives and stilettos
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custom made knives
Handmade custom Italian stiletto switchblades and gothic styled fighters.

These knives are built with materials that exceed the norm. Some of the scale material thats used leans on the rare side, either being difficult to obtain or having characteristics that make them impossible to obtain more than once. Some of the Damascus used has the pattern forged into the shape of the bolsters and blades and has been taken up to a mirror polish upon finishing and then hot salt blued. The amount of hours in building such a knife also exceeds the norm as thick Damascus liners have to be tapped by hand, more careful amounts of milling with carbide mills, shaping and hand finishing, inlaying of exotic shells and hours of painstaking filework accomplished with only
hand files (our labor of love!). Most of the knives shown here are a reflection of the clients own personal ideas that have been woven into our style and use of
presentation materials. A great amount of involvement from a client always yields a knife that can never again be replicated and gives a deeper appreciation and personal satisfaction to its owner. The combination of such exotic materials and personal chosen themes from the client end with the completion of a highly artistic one-of-a-kind custom knife that can be proudly displayed amongst friends and passed along to family members. We consider these pieces more than just a mere custom knife and have therefore dedicated this portion of our web-site to such knives that have been wrapped in piles of artistic appeal, style and materials.  Click onto the pics below to view full
pictoral profiles. 

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