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Handmade custom Italian stiletto switchblades and gothic styled fighters.

Shown below: NEW Razor series proto-type DA OTF with a
stainless steel chasis and polished blade with a blood groove
down the center.  
     6/10/2013: The pic above is our new body style for our RAZOR
series DA OTF. The button will be slightly longer than the one show up
above. AOL is 10 inches. Blade length is 4 3/4".


WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS on our production series
DA OTF, the RAZOR. Serialized production run of 100 pieces total.
Production models will include an aluminum chasis cut from premium
7075 aluminum (twice the tensil strength and rigidity of 6061). Blades
will be .160" thick, ATS-34 hand hollow ground and come with a 600
grit machine satin finish. Bodies will be hard coated, choice of black or
silver coated body. Cost of a standard production piece RAZOR as
described, $1050. Only option, other than choice of body color, is a
high polished blade. Production RAZOR with high polished blade,
    All production Razor's are built with the same care as our custom
versions are. The insides are built with hardened ATS-34 sears and
catch hooks that have been high polished on the contact areas for a
smooth button slide. Our moving tracks for the internal slide are made
from 416 stainless steel and our springs are carbon spring steel. Try
asking what other companies are using for materials for these parts!
for any of our internal parts. Whats all this mean? Our mechs are built
to outlive you.
    Ever wonder why no other maker or company has tried using .160"
thick blades in there OTF's as long, thick, and wide as ours are?
Because it takes a strongly built mech to throw and to retract a heavy
thick blade. Any, we won't even mention how difficult it is to get a
heavy blade to lock up tightly in the open position. Our new Razor's
use a new proprietary jam lock system that yields nearly zero side to
side blade play. In fact, they even extract with so much torque we had
to use a nylon buffer to absorb much of the shock as the heavy blade
slams closed. Any of your other production DA OTFS have this
problem? We don't think so......  :)
     We've been building DA OTFS for the past 5 years. Mostly we've
learned what NOT and HOW not to build a DA OTF mech. But, now
we finally have a mech that we are happy with and will develop
improvements upon with each new style we offer. We like ours HEAVY
and OVER built. Don't forget, ALL of our blades are hand hollow
ground. Thats why we can still call our production version DA OTF's a
true "custom" production knife. None of our blades are ground on a
machine, by a machine. We will only be 100 serialized version
production custom DA OTF RAZORS, and will only be taking orders
for a total of 50 full custom versions, 150 pieces total. We will offer all
our new styles and latest DA OTF designs in this same manner and
    Some other new styles and designs we have coming out
2013/2014:  PALM VIPER series da otf....... ITALIAN STILETTO series
da otf.......... VENGEANCE series da otf.......... TRAP DOOR series da
otf. Watch our website as we release our new proto types for these
designs and a few more.

  A $100 deposit is all thats required, final balance due upon
completion. Estimated delivery times for production RAZOR's are a  
2-4 month wait time. Any questions on production pieces, or to place
your order for one please e-mail.
  When placing your order, please include your full name, shipping
address, telephone #, and your e-mail address. We will need this info
for your purchase order. We will hang you into the schedule once your
$100 deposit has been received. We accept personal checks, postal
money orders, cashiers checks, business checks, and bank money
orders. We do not accept paypal, sorry.


We will have up for sale in 3-4 weeks 12 proto type RAZOR's with
stainless steel bodies and Titanium bodies with exotic inlays in the
bodies and the blades, a few different blade grind styles, and various
engraving on each chasis. Prices will range $2400 - $2800, only 12
new RAZOR proto types will be offered for sale to the public. Any
questions on these, please e-mail.


We will begin accepting pre orders on custom made RAZOR knives
August 1st, 2013. Custom versions can be built with your choice of
options and materials. To name a few, but not limited to....... inlays,
blade grinds, SKULL buttons, fileworked chasis,
Damascus/aluminum/Titanium/stainless steel bodies, Damascus
blades, Damascus buttons, hot salt bluing, blood grooved blades, and
CNC engraving on top and backsides of bodies. Prices on custom
versions will start at $1400. Estimated delivery times on custom orders
will run 2-4 months depending upon exotic materials and how long it
takes us to order the special materials you will want on your Razor. We
will only be building/accepting a total of 50 custom ordered RAZOR's.  
Once 50 have been pre-ordered/sold, there will be no more offered,
built, or available. Watch the website and order yours on August 1st.
You may e-mail us in August for a quote on custom versions.

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