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Handmade custom Italian stiletto switchblades and gothic styled fighters.

A few words about our web content to other Christians:

Being a Christian myself, I've been asked numerous times over the years.... "Paul, why all the skulls and flames?"

First, since I was a young kid I've always loved to draw the skull and crossbones, as a kid I just thought it was cool. And I've always loved flames. Flame paint jobs on cars, motorcycles, helmets, etc. About 12 or so years ago a custom Chopper builder hit the TV scene, Jesse James. His style of dress was skulls, flames, and Maltese crosses. He commercialized a new form of style and culture. Today its impossible to walk into your local Wal-Mart and not find a t-shirt, hat, pants and even a pair of shoes that doesn't have a skull or flames of some type on it.

Everyone comes from a different background depending upon where and when they were raised, what city or town they lived in, etc. Take one of the Disciples out of the Bible for instance. Put one of them in todays society with there long robes, no deodorant, no underwear, and there long hair down there back. They would appear pretty weird in todays society. If Jesus had been born in the 21st century he'd be wearing Levi jeans and Nike shoes and He'd probably enjoy riding a Harley Davidson. If you were to drop me and my web-site into New York city I'd perhaps be the coolest Christian on the block. But, plant me inside a farming community people might look at me a bit confused when I wear a t-shirt that has flames on it. Thats just culture and who wants to dress like a brown jersey milking cow?

One other thing I'd like to mention is the subject of religion. Many people have confused Jesus Christ with religion, when infact Jesus didn't teach any. There was plenty of religion on the earth already when Jesus arrived and He never said, "I've come that you might have religion." No, lots of religion when He arrived. All the religious people of His day attacked Christ constantly. What Jesus brought was a whole new Kingdom with a whole entire new way of living. The Kingdom of God is now inside a person. Jesus brought a shift in power. Religion has no power. Infact, the word "religion" comes from the root word "Religio" - which means, back to bondage. Religion puts God way over there and a person way over on the other side. Jesus put the Kingdom of God inside a man when he becomes born-again. Jesus brought a new form of government, God ruled, not a man-ruled theocracy (religion). My point is that the spirit of religion has done nothing but point the finger at how people wear there hair, what kind of clothes they can and cannot wear, proper or improper to mow your grass on Sundays, what you can eat, can or cannot wear jewelry, be poor because God is trying to teach you something brother, God may choose to heal you if He's in a good mood or not, etc., etc. Religion teaches all that. Then there is another subject called condemnation. Scripture says that in Christ there is ZERO condemnation. That means none, it doesn't exist. So, what Satan has done is combined it with a spirit of religion in hopes of getting a person to use it as a blade to jam into the side of another believer. In short, thats what Satan got Adolph Hitler to do. But, condemnation has damaged more people than Hitler ever did.

Culture, can be used as a powerful tool. Allow me to illustrate: If you were to wear a two thousand dollar silk suit, Italian leather shoes, a short and tight hair style, clean shaven face, sporting a Rolex watch and try to walk into a biker gang with religion they'd probably toss you out on your ear. But roar in there on a custom flamed paint jobbed Chopper with skulls on the handle bars, some leather pants and a skull t-shirt WITH the Kingdom of God on the inside of you not only would they probably listen to what you'd have to share about God but they'd also experience a power shift like Simon did with that net breaking load of fish! Religion has no power, but.... the KINGDOM DOES.

The skulls and flames you'll see throughout my web-site are just things I've thought cool from my childhood. And, the fact is I've personally never been able to sell a knife with a Daisy or a Rosebud stamped on a blade or carved onto ivory scales. I'm not an evil person and certainly don't worship that goof ball Satan. A skull is simply what your head looks like without any skin on it. Ever see a crocodile head without his hide? I think its cool looking with all those teeth exposed. How about one of those big Saber tooth tiger skull heads inside the museums? COOL! We've all heard about a car accident where a car took a life amidst a crash, doesn't mean though that the car is evil anymore than an automatic knife with artistic design is evil. If a fork contributes to obesity then is a fork evil to? I believe the angels of God protect believers that confess protection and stand on the Word, but I also have a concealed weapons permit and carry a handgun on occasion when traveling with my family. I certainly don't entertain the idea of having to use it. Neither do I anticipate EVER having a fire inside my home, but I have a fire extinguisher inside my kitchen and yes, its loaded to.

I happen to like flames, skulls, and sharp edged knives. No, I don't want a skull tattoo'd on my forehead, but I do have a few ball caps with skulls on them. Ever look at a pile of flames with the thought that they'll never touch my spirit for eternity when I leave this earth?

The fact is, I love God, I love my family, I love knives and building them, I love flames and think skulls are pretty cool. If you see me at a knife show or see me pumping gas at the local gas station you'll probably be able to find a flame or two on my clothing. I'll give you a nice warm smile and tell you about the goodness of Almighty God and what He's done for me in my life. I'll never judge you from the cologne you wear, how you wear your hair, that spider-web tattoo you have inside your ear, or those funny looking Leopard skin boxers your probably wearing or that your glasses are held together with duct tape. I'll be looking at your heart. And if my spidey sense tingles and tells me your ready to hear about Jesus Christ I'll open up my mouth and lead you to your Heavenly Father.

Sincerely, Paul Panak